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​As you prepare for a new year of ministry in your parish, you’re probably thinking about recruiting new volunteers or staff and training them for their responsibilities. You might be struggling to find the right person for a role or wondering how to raise the standards of a particular ministry or department.

One of the best things we can do at this juncture is to treat employees like volunteers and volunteers like employees. What do we mean by that? Here’s a quick article from Pat Lencioni explaining what this means for your parish.


Take Action:

Once you’ve read the article, brainstorm some solutions with your team to these questions.

  1. Is there a particular ministry or department that we are struggling to staff well? What ideas do we have to raise the standard and increase engagement?
  2. Do we take enough time to inspire and motivate our employees around our mission? Do our employees see their role as a job or truly as a ministry?
  3. On a spectrum from low to high, what level of expectations do we have for our volunteers? What has led to this standard? What ideas do we have to improve our volunteer standards and engagement?

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