The Convocation of Catholic Leaders

Written by Cardinal Seán O’Malley | Cardinal Seán’s Blog | July 7, 2017

As the USCCB described it: “Over 5 years ago, the full body of bishops in the United States called for a ‘National Convocation’ that would ‘convene, challenge, and motivate Catholic leaders to embrace the full vision of what it means to be Catholic and fully engaged in the Church’s mission of evangelization and to proclaim the Church’s vision of the human person.’”

This convocation was the fulfillment of that call and brought together about 3,500 Catholic leaders, including about 150 bishops, from around the country…

…On Tuesday the plenary session was held on the theme of “Spirit-Filled Evangelizers Equipped for Excellence.”

There was a talk by Patrick Lencioni of the Amazing Parish apostolate, and the keynote address was delivered by Bishop Robert Barron, Auxiliary Bishop of Los Angeles.


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