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Happy Easter! Christ is risen and we pray that you and your parish community are experiencing the joy of the season.

If you’re like most parish leaders, you spent countless hours over the past few weeks preparing for Holy Week and the Triduum. At this point, you might be so exhausted that your only thoughts are on rest and recovery. While you absolutely need to rest and rejuvenate this week, you also have a powerful opportunity to build on the momentum of this Easter.

This weekend, you had new Catholics welcomed into the Church, more people in your pews than two years ago, and a surge of energy in the parish community. While you put so much energy into preparing for Easter, this is a critical time to ask yourself, “What can we do to nurture the good fruit of this past week?”

Here are some ideas:

  • ​​​​​Take 5 minutes to call each of your key ministry leaders and express your gratitude for their leadership and ministry this past week. Be sure to cite specific examples.
  • Call a few of your newly initiated Catholics to ask about their experience of Easter, pray with them, and offer encouragement.
  • Gather your staff and key volunteers to debrief the Triduum and Easter Sunday, pray in thanksgiving, and discuss what you might do to nurture the good fruit.

Whatever you do, don’t let things go back to business as usual. The door is open wide for conversion right now – you get to lead the way in stepping into it this week! Let us know the fruits of whatever action you take. We want to celebrate with you!

Thank you for your ministry and for your leadership.

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