Parish Spotlight: Build a Healthy Team
Catholic Parishes of Sandusky, Sandusky, OH

“Confidence—that’s how having a parish leadership team has impacted me most as a pastor.” Fr. Monte Hoyles came to the Amazing Parish Cincinnati Conference in May 2019 with a brand new team and a “to-do” list mentality as pastor of The Catholic Parishes of Sandusky in Ohio. His office door was often closed, and he didn’t visit with parish staff regularly, in an effort to keep a professional distance.

Within two months of forming his parish leadership team, Fr. Monte noticed a more personal posture in the way he was praying with his key leaders. This greater intimacy in prayer created an environment of trust. He found his team’s counsel to be very effective in decision making and in helping him work through difficult situations that arose at the parish. Moreover, it allowed him to feel free to interact with staff members on a more pastoral level.

“The focus on active discipleship has made my approach to daily ministry much more personal.” Fr. Monte’s team members and staff have noticed this shift in their daily work, as he now makes it a point to visit with them regularly. The door to his office is more often open than shut. The change has even led to better conversations among priests at the rectory, particularly with the associate pastor who is on the parish leadership team.

With the guidance of their Amazing Parish coach, the team developed clarity for the parish which reflects this discipleship mindset. Decisions will be based on how encounters with Jesus can be fostered and how ministries are creating conversion and transformation in the community. It all started with building a healthy culture on the parish leadership team.

Click here to watch Fr. Monte and his team at our Anaheim conference, sharing their advice and experience in building a culture of active discipleship!

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