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Are you, or do you know, a pastor feeling the pressures of managing what is in effect a large business while at the same time striving to be a faith leader?

Catholic pastors are under perhaps more pressure than ever. They’ve been asked to lead merged parishes, often when parishioners want to go their separate ways. They are often lone-ranger clerics, in most parts of the country working on their own with little or no other clerical help. There is the routine grumbling about diocesan directives, often sprung with little or no consultation.

And then the roof is collapsing, or the heating or air conditioning needs a fix.

The good news is a variety of groups have sprung up, many in recent years, promising to assist parishes and pastors. The Field Hospital is taking a look at as many as we can.

One such group is called “Amazing Parish“. The moniker indicates a tall order, when many parishes would settle for simple survival.

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