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Do you worry about disappointing people in your parish with your decisions and actions? Often, church leaders want to be sure that their community knows how much they are loved and cared for. The idea of making someone uncomfortable by saying “no”, giving difficult feedback, or asking for more from them is enough to make many leaders start to squirm and look for a way out.

The problem with this is that when we seek to please others, we inevitably become ineffective leaders. Our reluctance leads to confusion, dysfunction, and a lack of mission. Pat Lencioni recently put out a podcast on this topic, called Leaders Can’t Be Pleasers. This is a crucial topic for parish leaders. Pat and his team specifically address how this dynamic plays out in churches and what you can do to overcome it. This week, take a few minutes to listen to the podcast and take action with the steps below.


Take Action:

  • Listen to the podcast and jot down notes and what strikes you. Share them with your leadership team or staff.
  • Make a list of decisions you’ve been putting off or compromising on to please others. What actions are needed to move forward with the right plan?


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