A Simple Christmas Idea

With less than a week to go before so many new people come to your parish for their annual or semi-annual visit, it’s not too late to think about taking a slightly different approach to this year’s homily.  Now, I certainly understand how busy everyone is making arrangements for the many activities that accompany the celebration of Christ’s birth.  But consider that more than the music and the church decorations and all the other special preparations, the homily may very well do more to bring those visitors back to the parish the following week, and perhaps for the rest of their lives.

Of course, it is the Eucharist, the Real Presence of Christ, that makes the Mass what it is.  But those who don’t come to Mass frequently probably pay attention to the words of the priest most of all.  Those words may be the only ten or fifteen minutes that they hear from a member of the clergy all year!

So, let’s take time to get a few extra people together around the pastor and other priests who will be preaching, people who can really relate to non-frequent Mass-goers, and help them prepare a message that is particularly touching and relevant.  And let’s pray for those people, for one another, and for our pastor, before we begin that effort.

I realize that this is just a small and simple suggestion.  But taking the time to think differently about the homily could make all the difference in making Christmas Mass a memorable and meaningful experience rather than a crowded, stressful and perfunctory one for your parishioners and visitors.

May God bless all of our pastors and parish staff members as they prepare to help their people celebrate the beauty and wonder of Jesus’ nativity.

Merry Christmas!


Pat Lencioni | Co-founder
The Amazing Parish

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