Helping Catholic Leaders Build Amazing Parishes


No parish can be amazing without volunteers.  Lots of volunteers. And while it is true that volunteerism is a big part of Stewardship, it deserves its own section.

Unfortunately, over the years some parishes have come to see volunteers as people who show up to put away chairs in the gymnasium or lick envelopes in the rectory.  While there is certainly a need for those and every kind of assistance, amazing parishes tap into parishioners who have unique talents and gifts that they didn’t know could be used to serve the Church.  From lawyers and electricians, to web-site developers and marketers, most parishes are filled with so many talented people who aren’t being asked or haven’t thought about how they can contribute their skills in the parish.

A parish leadership team must understand the talent it has in the pews, and reach out to those people with enthusiasm, creativity and gratitude.  The result will be a higher quality of service for the parish, lower costs due to decreased use of unnecessary outsourcing, and even increased financial contributions among those who volunteer (volunteers tend to give more money too!).  And of course, most important of all, it will mean that those volunteers will experience a positive impact in their faith lives.

Below are just a few resources for better tapping into potential volunteers in your parish.