What if?

What if you could join a brotherhood of pastors who were faithful to the Church and courageous in their Vocation?

What if you felt connected with like-minded pastors striving to become better, healthier leaders?

What if you could have a coach to help guide you along the way?

Welcome to the Amazing Parish.

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What does the Amazing Parish movement look like?
Here’s one pastor’s story.

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Are you ready to be part of a community of over 300 pastors who want to lead heroically? Let's connect to see how we can best support you in your leadership.
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what other pastors are saying

I no longer feel this fatigue and isolation because I know there are other people who can carry this cross with me. It saved my life. It’s an incredible experience.
- Fr. Alex McCullough
(Cincinnati, OH)
[Parishioners have been] sharing profoundly intimate and personal things that the Lord is doing in their life and there’s an excitement among these parishioners.”
- Fr. John Paul Erickson
(Oakdale, MN)
The Church is in need of leadership right now, strong leadership, people around us are looking for leaders. We can focus on the people God has given to us and the team he has formed for us.
- Fr. Thomas Schaefgen
(New Orleans, LA)
It was like God was saying to me right then and there: ‘Are you unhappy because I sent you to love these people? I gave them for you to love. They will never love you unless you first love them.'
- Fr. Monte Hoyles
(Sandusky, OH)

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