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A Reliance on Prayer

This is the first, the simplest and the shortest section on this website.  And yet, it is probably the most important and often overlooked.

Of course, every parish is a place of prayer.  At Mass, Adoration, Bible Study and a host of other activities, prayer is central.  However, when it comes to running our parishes, we all too often forget that prayer must be central, and that God wants us to turn to Him, every day, with intentionality and regularity.

The best efforts in our prayers around leadership, management, catechesis, study and operations are nothing compared to the realization that God is in charge and wants us to acknowledge His hand in what we’re doing.  This seems so obvious, and yet, in the course of the details and procedures involved in running a parish day in and day out, it is often forgotten or ignored.

What exactly does this mean, then?  It means we must organize regular and intentional prayer efforts around the guidance and success of our parish, generally and specifically around individual programs and initiatives.  It also means we must believe that God hears us, and wants to answer our prayers according to His will.

Below are a few more ideas for helping you do this in your parish, if you aren’t already doing so.


  • Write an “Amazing Parish” prayer intention (or customize ours at the right) and pray it at any parish event. The point is to storm heaven, asking for God to pour graces on your parish and help make it truly amazing.  
  • Encourage parishioners to incorporate the Amazing Parish intention into any of their favorite devotions.  
  • Put a small sign in your Adoration Chapel asking adorers to spend 5-10 minutes of their adoration time in intentional prayer for an Amazing Parish
  • Group rosaries before/after Mass or individual rosaries on a specific day of the week to be said for the Amazing Parish request
  • Novenas – consider praying a novena, 9 days of intentional prayer, perhaps invoking your parish’s patron saint
  • Ask religious orders in your area to join with you in prayer for your parish (see resources below)

Curtis Martin – Founder, Fellowship of Catholic University Students


Prayer for An Amazing Parish

Download the Amazing Parish Prayer:

PDF version (English)
JPG version (English)

PDF version (Español)
JPG version (Español)