Build a Healthy and Cohesive Parish Leadership Team (PLT)

This is the top priority for a parish in Stage 2. For more information about this goal, scroll down to the defining objectives.

Finalize Your PLT

All members of the parish leadership team understand and embrace the four qualities (Committed and Present, Mature, Team Player and Whole-Parish Oriented).

4 Qualities of a PLT Detailed PLT Document

Utilize Weekly PLT Meetings Model

The parish leadership team meets on a weekly basis and follows the weekly meeting model with the scorecard.

Stage 2 Scorecard Weekly Tactical Meeting Guide

Implement Commitments to Building a Healthy Team

The parish leadership team is following through on the commitments made at the conference (see page 42 of your conference binder).

Team Commitments

Pray Intentionally as a PLT

The parish leadership team has a reliance on prayer exemplified by following through on the team prayer commitments from the conference (see page 22 of your conference workbook).

Team Prayer Exercise

Foster a Culture of Spiritual Vulnerability on the PLT

Team members follow up with each other on prayer intentions, have spiritual conversations, and share with each other what God is doing in their lives (see page 21 of your conference workbook).

Spiritual Vulnerability Exercise

Communicate the Role of the PLT

The pastor has communicated the role of the parish leadership team to the staff and councils and addresses any questions about the role of the parish leadership team.

Detailed PLT Document Transition Management