We are a growing movement of pastors and parish leaders challenging, encouraging and equipping one another to transform our Church one amazing parish at a time.


More than 6 years ago when we started this movement, we called it The Amazing Parish because we believed that was the key to bringing more people to Jesus in the world. And we still do. But the world has changed considerably since then, and if we were to rename the movement, we might very well call it the Heroic Pastor movement.

Recently, the Amazing Parish Movement came together for a quarterly webinar geared towards lifting up, challenging and encouraging the Heroic Pastors that our world needs – take some time to watch (or rewatch) the recording, and let us know how we can serve you on the journey.


Pastor Boot Camp

Join Amazing Parish coaches and fellow pastors from across the country for a four week boot camp. You’ll walk alongside fellow pastors to discover and practice the responsibilities at the heart of your role as a pastor.

It’s in the name! Boot camp requires a four week commitment and will stretch you to develop muscles in areas of your leadership that will help you lead your parish with more courage and confidence.

30 Minute Pastor Coaching Call

The next step toward an amazing parish is often simple, but requires large amounts of discipline, courage, and wisdom. Meet with a parish support coach and get to the heart of your most immediate needs.

We all need coaching and while priests have spiritual directors, and even mentor priests, a good pastor needs a consultant. Amazing Parish coaches offer the consulting process that transforms pastors into true leaders. My coach has helped me learn how to deal with uncomfortable situations, run engaging and effective meetings and grow in communicating things clearly.
Fr. Charlie GarzaSt. Albert the Great I Austin, TX

Kansas City, KS I June 21 - June 23, 2021

Attending one of our national conferences is the best way to dive deep into the Amazing Parish process. You’ll receive first-hand organizational health training from New York Times bestselling author, Patrick Lencioni, and you’ll learn from dynamic and engaging Catholic speakers and leaders. Following the conference, the pastor and parish leadership team have access to ongoing support from an Amazing Parish coach at no additional cost.