The Better Pastor

A Fable about Embracing the Role of Leading a Parish

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The Better Pastor is a fictional yet realistic story, lovingly written for all those priests in the world who are not only spiritual shepherds but also leaders of the organizations we call parishes.

Being the pastor of a Catholic parish is one of the most challenging jobs in the world. Whether they are responsible for a small rural parish, medium-sized urban one, or large suburban mega-parish, all pastors have one thing in common: they can’t do it alone. Unfortunately, many wonderful priests find that becoming a pastor can be overwhelming and lonely, and can even diminish the joy of their vocation. This is a tragedy, and an unnecessary one.

In his first book intended specifically for clergy, Patrick Lencioni tells the story of a priest who is challenged to think differently about his “job.” As he does in his other leadership fables written for the secular world, Lencioni quickly cuts to the heart of the challenge faced by leaders, and he provokes them to embrace simple but powerful concepts that can change the way they work and serve the people God has put in their lives.

What You Will Learn From The Better Pastor:

• How to effectively lead a parish of any size without having to neglect your primary vocation as a priest. 

• How to transform your parish into a vibrant and active community without unnecessary burden.

• How to avoid the common mistakes that pastors make that complicate their role as a leader. 

• Why some parishes always seem to be in crisis while others are free of managerial stress. 

• What the key elements of healthy organization are. 

What Others Are Saying About The Better Pastor

"Parish life demands that we pastors steer the ship in unfamiliar and sometimes threatening waters. In The Better Pastor, Patrick Lencioni offers us a new way of seeing our role as shepherds, one that is challenging, encouraging, and hopeful in the same breath."

Pastor, Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church, Denver, CO

"Lencioni is one of the most sought after leadership experts of our time, and the most successful organizations in the world look to him for advice. Now he's putting his gifts at the service of the Church he loves so much. His advice is simple, focused, and accessible, just like our ministries should be."

Author/Speaker/Creator of Real Life Catholic

"This book is a highly relevant story for today s parish priest. It will serve as a catalyst to better help pastors successfully, faithfully, and happily live out their calling as good leaders and shepherds of our beloved parishes."

Pastor, St. John Neumann Catholic Church, Sunbury, OH

"In a humorous fable, Lencioni lays bare the challenge faced by every generation of priests: confronting pastoral realities that seminary training could neither anticipate nor address."

Pastor, Epiphany Catholic Church, Normal, IL

"Patrick Lencioni is a consummate storyteller and renowned leadership expert. The Better Pastor is a timely answer to prayer, and a resource for every priest!"

Author/Speaker/TV Host, Catholics Come Home®

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