The Amazing Parish Difference

There are countless parish renewal programs and tools that exist in the Catholic world right now. Amazing Parish is different. We believe that true renewal begins with you as a pastor. No program can replace the role that God’s given you. That’s why Amazing Parish focuses on you first in order to help you reach the people that God has placed in your parish.

Who We Are

Amazing Parish was co-founded by Patrick Lencioni and John Martin seven years ago with the goal of renewing parishes. We’ve held almost a dozen conferences throughout the United States for over 1,500 pastors and their leadership teams.

During this time, we’ve seen a growing movement of pastors and parish leaders who want something different for their parishes. A group who has the courage, discipline and wisdom to move the mission of their parish forward.

Like never before, we’re offering the ability to get started with Amazing Parish outside of our conferences. Below are four ways to get involved. Feel free to try one out or all four. Just let us know if you need any help along the way!

Four Ways to Get Started

Leadership Course

Want to learn more about what we do and how to get started? Check out this free, world-class course by New York Times bestselling author Patrick Lencioni on the cultures needed for a parish and the next steps to see them come to life.

Pastor Boot Camp

Join Amazing Parish coaches and fellow pastors from across the country for a four week boot camp, as you learn the key differences between a pastor and a priest and what you can do right now to practice leadership in a whole new way.

Facebook Forum

We’ve created a pastor’s only forum so you can talk to others pastors in the Amazing Parish movement. Post a question about how Amazing Parish concepts worked for others, there’s a community of priests and coaches waiting to help you.

Give Us a Call

Give us a call to talk about how Amazing Parish can walk alongside you in your ministry, and how your parish might benefit from joining us at our next conference. Contact us today at (303) 481-4320.