Helping Catholic Leaders Build Amazing Parishes

Arrival & Parking

It may seem trivial, but a person’s experience on a Sunday begins when they arrive on a parish campus.  For most people, this is usually by car.  If they pull into the parking lot and see that someone expects them, welcomes them pleasantly, and makes it easy to park and get to the church, they will have a different experience at Mass.

Here are some ideas for how to make the arrival and parking at your parish better.


Arrival & Parking Tips

  • Ask regular Mass attendees to park further away, leaving convenient parking making for guests
  • Paint “Guest Parking” on parking spots closer to the church
  • Use signage / cones to segregate parking spots for guests
  • Enlist parking attendants to direct guests to convenient spots
  • Have inclement weather accommodations:  well kept and safe walking paths (free from snow and ice)
  • Consider larger overhangs or tenting to allow easier travel

Departure Tips

  • Enlist parking attendants to direct traffic
  • Consider using entrances for exits during departure
  • Be kind & courteous when leaving Mass, remember–you have just received the Eucharist!